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Final Declaration, Plenary Meeting, Oct 10, 2017

This meeting was chaired by Mr. GATEAU, following the departure of Mr. NANTY, our former Chairman.

A new Secretary General of the Air France KLM Group should be appointed very quickly and will be our new President.




The meeting started with the presentation of Mr. ter Voert with a positive picture on the European market situation, things look promising for the coming months.

The four pillars of the business plan focus on customer, revenue, efficiency and staff.

Despite the good results and optimistic prospects, the CGEAFKL insisted that these results are only possible thanks to the involvement, professionalism and hard work of Air France KLM's teams and their subsidiaries in Europe.


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EWC plenary meeting - Agenda
October 10th, 2017


  1. Europe update
  2. Information - Acquisition of equity stakes
  3. Information - New organization
  4. Information - JV North Atlantic
  5. Election of a new member for the Board of Directors of Air France KLM
  6. Winter 17 Program AF / KLM / HOP! / TO
  7. AF KL Financial results
  8. JOON

An European Works Council

The Air France KLM European Works Council (AFKL EWC) is a body for the information and consultation of employees' representatives on issues concerning the whole Group, its subsidiaries and subsubsidiaries. It shall also be consulted with respect to transnational issues within the areas of competence set out below : A transnational decision is one taken at Air France KLM Group level concerning two Air France KLM Group undertakings or companies operating in two different countries.

The AFKL EWC is composed of 33 members, 33 deputies and and 6 country attendees representing 21 European Countries

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